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Ways to give

Regular gifts

Regular gifts can be made monthly, quarterly or annually for any number of years. By making a donation in this way you provide Ellesmere College with a regular income that enables us to plan ahead and use your donation most efficiently.

Donate online, an easy and secure way to give – we accept most major credit cards.
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Single gifts

Single gifts can be made with a cheque made payable to Ellesmere College. CAF cheques are also welcome. You can also donate through the College website using a credit card.

Shares and securities

Gifts of shares are particularly tax efficient as they are free of Capital Gains Tax and you can of your gift against your Income Tax liability.

Including the College in your will

Those who remember Ellesmere College in their will join a long line of benefactors who have chosen to make this most personal of gifts in order to help future generations of students.

Legacies made to Ellesmere College are exempt from Inheritance Tax in the UK. The simplest way of putting a legacy into effect is by adding a codicil to your existing will; a sample codicil can be found and printed off from the College website. Independent legal advice is essential in ensuring a legacy is made in the most appropriate and tax-effective way.