Why and what we need

Why do we need
Enhance Ellesmere?

Let me begin by saying another huge ‘thank you’ to all those who have contributed to the Enhance Ellesmere program since it started in 2010 .

Whilst Ellesmere College has never been more successful, without the considerable generosity of our Old Ellesmerians, current and past parents, the College Council and staff, we could not afford to provide all that we do for today’s students.

We have outstanding facilities which enrich all aspects of academic, cultural and sporting life at the school. However, Ellesmere College is not a richly endowed school and our carefully managed fee income does not cover all we would like to do, nor provide sufficient funds for many of the ‘enhancements’ that make Ellesmere College unique.

It is only through your generosity that the College is able to offer such a diverse range of activities and also keep the school at the forefront of education and technology. By supporting Enhance Ellesmere 2014 you enable us to provide small projects that really do enhance the education of our students all of which are usually completed within a 12 month period.

Nick Pettingale
Director of External Relations

What we need


Professional Quadcopter Drone

CCF - Quadcopter DroneThe Quadcopter Drone would be used predominantly by the RAF section of our CCF, teaching them the principles of flight. It would also be a huge asset to our Media department as it would provide students with further and more advanced filming opportunities, allowing them to experience the use of modern film equipment and obtain more advanced footage for editing.

The drone would also be used throughout the College to film and photograph a variety of activities such as:

  • Sports Matches
  • Events
  • Sailing

Total Cost – £1,700

Media Department

School Radio Station – SR4 Studio Package

Media - Radio StationEvidence shows that participating in a school radio can increase a sense of student voice and empowerment, improves literacy and numeracy skills as well as speaking and listening, enhances teamwork and is highly inclusive, as ability and age are no barrier to using the very use friendly software.

This would be a whole school resource and would be an excellent facility for our Artsmark Platinum work. It would be a particular benefit to Lower School students who currently have limited access to Media activities.

Total for the Media Department – £9,000

Music Department

Samba Band / Corp of Drums

Music - Samba BandAs we look to focus on the Arts at Ellesmere College, an investment in a Samba Drum Set for 30 players is a perfect vehicle, not just for our students, but also as a workshop opportunity for other schools and community groups. There is a desire to establish a Corp of Drums at the College and Samba Drumming, although more syncopated, is a perfect complement to military drumming: – Both are inclusive to all students irrespective of age or musical ability – Both lead towards performances that capture the attention of an audience – Both develop rhythmical and dancing skills through self discipline – Both rely on team work and a clear hierarchy between the players.

Cost – £2,000


Music - English HarpsichordEllesmere is fortunate to have two very different but unique organs and three Kawai grand pianos, however, a key skill for keyboard players is the ability to realise accompaniments from figured bass on the harpsichord. Where sacred music has traditionally been accompanied by organ, secular music has traditionally been accompanied by harpsichord. This is true of many genres including opera and most music from the Baroque period. A harpsichord would complete the keyboard resources at the College and prevent the need for hiring such an instrument for concerts in the future. The harpsichord is beautiful both to play and to look at and feature the most beautiful paintings on the sound board.

Cost – £5,400



Total for the Music Department – £7,400

Music Technology

Upgrade to Recording Studio

The recording studio is in need of some upgrading. The equipment listed would allow the College to keep up with the speed of change in technology so as to provide Music Technology Students with the best chance of success.


  •  1 x Apple iMAC
  • 2 x Monitor Speakers
  • 1 x Drum Mic Set
  • 1 x Recording Mixer
  • 1 x Specialist Keyboard
  • Logic pro Software

The ability to successfully record the work of students beyond the classroom benefits the whole community and these items would really increase our capability in this area.



Total for the Music Technology Department – £3,750

Sports Department

Weights Gym


As Ellesmere’s sporting reputation continues to attract accolades, such as recently being recognised as a World Academy of Sport, we can also expect to recruit young athletes who are dedicated to and serious about their training. Although the fitness suite is an exceptional standard, the performance weights gym still requires some investment to be able to keep up with modern training methods. Once these types of gyms were solely used by rugby players but now most of our sporting Academies conduct their training through performance gyms. Athletics, Swimming, Pentathlon, Rugby, Football and Tennis, all use resistance training as part of their conditioning programme. It is important that the gym includes appropriate equipment and that we continue to adapt and update our facilities in order to maintain our exceptionally high standards and continue to will national awards. Other additions such as mirrors and flooring allows our athletes to monitor lifting technique.

Total for the Sports Department – £5,000

Sports Department - Swimming

4 x Olympic Standard Starting Blocks

Sport - Olympic Standard Starting BlocksWith students now competing in swimming at an international standard, the Olympic Starting blocks will give them the opportunity to train at a higher standard, preventing their competitors from gaining an advantage at the start of a race. The starting blocks are an important part of the swimming world and have only been introduced in the last six years.

With very few swimming clubs having the full set, these would put the Ellesmere College Titans in a positive position.



Total for the Sports Department – Swimming – £5,000